Merchant SAFE offers Business identity management, Privacy and Security solutions for businesses in order to help them build trust among consumers. Merchant SAFE Trust Seals increase conversion rate for websites and help generate more revenue. Our Consumer portals educate consumers about online security and privacy risks and help them better understand who to trust. Merchant SAFE is committed to building transparency and enable consumers better trust reliable businesses!


Why Trust Seals? The answer is quite simple. If you want to improve consumer confidence and increase the conversion rate of your website and sell more, then you need a third party trust seal. The Merchant-SAFE TRUST eSEAL programs are designed to improve consumer confidence while they are making a buying decision on your website. The Merchant-SAFE seal is a low cost alternative to the McAfee Secure (Hacker SAFE), BBB and other TRUST seal programs and is ideal for the small and medium businesses.

Consumers have many concerns while shopping online.

1) They have concerns if the information they enter will be safe and kept private. 2) They are concerned about the security of the transaction. 3) But above all, with literally millions of websites selling online and hundreds of new merchants appearing online everyday, the most important factor among consumers is TRUST. They fear and wonder if the website they are on, is in fact a legitimate business. They need something in addition to what they see that will improve their TRUST. They look for Third party Business verification that will help relieve the lack of trust. You need to address this IMMEDIATELY, so that you can improve confidence among your site visitors and covert them into customers! Merchant-SAFE TRUST eSEAL is designed to improve TRUST among online shoppers. Unlike other seal programs that are out there, we are designed to help small and medium businesses succeed. We don't charge thousands of dollars every year like the competition. We even offer PCI scanning or website vulnerability scanning to find security loopholes on your site/IP for just a fraction of the price compared to others! As a part of our certification process, we make sure your SSL certificate is installed correctly.

We believe in a SIMPLE solution, for the "lack of TRUST" issue among consumers. We believe that it should be affordable for merchants. Lets face it. Small businesses are always on a tight budget. You simply cannot afford to spend another thousand here and there. It is likely going to eat up your profits or make your losses worse. The Merchant SAFE is an ideal solution that does not cost you much, but offers a reliable third party business verification service, PCI security scanning and a TRUST SEAL that will improve the conversion rate of your website! If you are not satisfied, simply get a refund, with our 30-day money back guarantee!

Remember, Better TRUST = MORE Conversion/Sales!!